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COVID-19 Announcement

To all our valued customers…

First off, we hope this message finds you safe, healthy, and making the best of the situation we are all currently in. Our office is taking similar social distancing precautions but do not want to sacrifice service!

Keep in mind, we are capable of conducting business via phone and email.

We are asking you consider this time to review your current overall coverage and reach out with any questions you may have on the following:

  • I bought a new car last year, is it on my policy?
  • Do I need or have enough life insurance?
  • Am I covered if I drive for Uber?
  • I want to put my house on Air Bnb, should I?
  • Are there new coverages available now that weren’t available when I first got my policy?

These are all just a few things to consider, but with ANY questions please reach out to us at 937-644-1055 or email at

As always, follow our website and like our Facebook page for future updates and news.

Thank you for your business and stay safe!